Ballot Language: Plain and Simple
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Alaska’s tens of thousands of miles of pristine rivers, streams and wetlands nurture the best salmon on Earth. But those watersheds won’t stay great without our help. We need to update our salmon habitat protection laws to make sure our wild salmon spawning and rearing grounds stay intact as the state grows.

So far, we’ve gotten lucky. Despite a vague law protecting salmon habitat, Alaska has avoided any catastrophic project or disaster on a salmon stream big enough to wipe out a major salmon run. But the legal provision is so ambiguous that it's vulnerable to political interference -- whereby pet projects could be legally permitted despite good science and common sense saying they shouldn’t.  

It’s time to be clear on what responsible development means -- especially around salmon streams.  

That’s what “Yes on Salmon’ ballot initiative is all about.

The initiative --

  • is a needed update to a 60-year-old law.

  • promotes balanced, accountable management of development projects, with clear rules limiting the amount of damage allowed to fish habitat during a development project.

  • gives Alaskans a voice in protecting our most vital natural resource: wild salmon.

  • ensures a prosperous economy for all Alaskans now and for the future.

Read the initiative here.